Fishing Report Sept. 2011

What’s Hot- With any type of major storm passing by our coastline, there will always be increased winds and erratic pressure changes that will affect the way that fish will bite during this given time. As many anglers have experienced, when the pressure begins to drop – gamefish will often feed heavily leading into the storm. As the storm subsides, the pressure will rise and find these same fish very finicky in the way that they eat. A couple of useful tips in reestablishing a inshore good bite following a front is working deeper water and fishing with stationary baits – such as a shrimp or cutbait. With the lower tides this week in the morning coming off a new moon, redfish and snook will favor the 3-5 foot depths. Anglers will need to find deeper potholes that are off the major flats of Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands. These ambush areas are key during the incoming tides, as it brings in fresh Gulf water and baits to the shallows. The deeper troughs will funnel shrimp, sardines and other easy meals towards awaiting gamefish. This flow of water can also help anglers to present a bait naturally into the strike zone. Try to freeline the baits so that there is no restrictions in how it is presented.

Tackle tips- For flats fishing in Pinellas County the water is usually very clear due to the rich turtlegrass that helps filter out algae blooms. The biggest mistake an angler can make on pressured fish in clear water is oversizing the tackle. Braided line in the 8-10 pound test range tied with 20 pound fluorocarbon leader will allow longer casts and a more stealth presentation. This setup will catch ninety percent of the fish in the shallows this time of year.

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