Summer Fishing Tactics

What’s Hot- The extreme high tides of summer will find most gamefish using the mangrove trees to hunt and keep cool during the heat of the day. Certain shorelines will be more productive than others as many factors play into why that stretch of trees holds more fish. Tide and water movement is the main reason that redfish and snook will favor a given area. As water pours into the passes, the nearest flats that have mangroves will be richest in bait and cructaceans. Oyster bars with deeper cuts among them will create a pathway for these fish to travel as the the water height increases. Reds are most aggressive during this lower water, as they will push up very shallow and corner baits in pockets or shallow edges. Anglers can also use the lower water, to find the undercuts of the mangroves that will create deeper pockets and key ambush areas. These little caves among the trees are the reds favorite spots to frequent. When fishing a treeline, the cast must fall right on the edge of the shade, due to the fact these fish rarely come out and feed at peak tides. When the tide turns, keep an eye on the mullet , as this is an indicator where the fish will fall out of the trees. Snook will sit on the points that protrude most and flush more bait by.
Bait tip- Smaller silver dollar sized pinfish are like candy for redfish working the brush. Use a smaller split shot and tail-hook these baits to allow them to swim tight to the cover.

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