Early Redfish Patterns

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– With these first strong moon phases in late January and February, redfish should start showing up more along oyster bars and mangrove shorelines. There has been some larger reds roaming the inshore flats with the recent tides that are pushing higher. Look towards the shallow edges of the no-motor zones to find the bronze gamefish. The lower water has fish holding just off the flat anticipating the incoming tide to hunt up in the skinny water. This is prime time to see tailers grubbing around for crabs and other small crustaceans. Early morning will yield better opportunities to anglers, as the fish aren’t as pressured. Try to always work with any breeze at your back.Tactics

– The schools of redfish that are working the coastline this time of year are very cautious and often times spooked off before the boat ever gets close enough to make a cast. Using the wind at your back, make extra long casts and allow the reds to find the offering. Allowing the boat to drift upon a school and power pole down, will be more stealth and create more opportunities. When a redfish is hooked, be sure to note where the fish settle back down to feed.Tackle

– Superbraids in eight pound test, are equivalent to 2 pound mono and can be cast farther when rigged properly on a spinning outfit. A tail-hooked, select shrimp will be weight forward and cover more distance on the cast. Fifteen pound fluorocarbon leader can also help on cautious fish in the clear waters off Pinellas county.

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