RCI Optics was visualized in 1998 by a team of locals on the east coast of central Florida. We got our start as a company selling sunglasses on the gleaming sands of Cocoa Beach, Florida. We soon realized that not all the consumer needs were being fulfilled by the current offerings of the brands on todays market. Our goal was to develop a product that was cutting edge and customer centric. We deployed the most advance technologies and developed new ones to match our needs.

We worked along side watermen that would test these sunglasses like no other. We arrived at the forefront of optical technology, and a series of optics that combine tactical protection from impacts while offering pure clarity and phenomenal glare reduction.

RCI Optics is filling the need in the market for technology that is specifically designed for the harsh elements of the coastal life style. Sunglasses need to be more than a mere fashion accessory. Sunglasses on the Right Coast need to incorporate performance and technology with resilient style.

Our team of eye wear specialist (with over 40 years of combined sunglass experience) developed a sun lens to meet your specific needs. The HELIUS 2.2 RCT High Impact Polarized Lens™ with Xiphos 4.0 ™ combats intense glare, high velocity impacts and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colors of the Right Coast to life.
Incorporated into exciting and extremely durable new sunglass styles, our collection was introduced. With that, we have steadily built a cult following of avid fishermen, watermen, outdoor enthusiasts and all things Right Coast. We are proud of our Right Coast heritage which makes us unique and provides the ultimate testing grounds for our glasses.

Optima Batteries

As a full-time central Florida Saltwater Guide, Professional Redfish and Tarpon tournament angler- I am on the water over 300 days a year. With the Optima Battery advantage on my boat since 2002, I employ the 31D Marine Spiricell Batteries to push my 109# Motorguide Digital trolling motor all day in our large motor exclusion zones.Heat is one of a battery’s worst enemies and the premium power that an Optima holds throughout the long Florida summer days is a testament to the great product that they have!

Power Pole Blade

The ultimate in performance and craftsmanship, the Blade Edition allows you to stop faster and hold more securely – even in water up to 10 feet deep. This sleek, aerodynamic model also features an Everflex™ spike that’s nearly indestructible and folds neatly into the pocket design, adding style and versatile functionality to any high performance boat. A productive day on the water is all about giving yourself an advantage over the fish – with equipment that’s been tested tough and refined to offer years of flawless performance.


HDS Gen2 TouchFind. Navigate. Dominate.Redefining Ease-of-Use FindBuilt-in StructureScan HD sonar imaging, plus award-winning BroadbandSounder with DownScan Overlay and TrackBack feature. Theultimate fish-and structure-finding display. TRANSDUCER SOLD SEPERATLYNavigatePersonalized or built-in Insight mapping and optional Navionics charts.View both at once in 3D perspective view, plus StructureMap, BroadbandRadar and SIRIUS weather overlay capability.DominateNew super-bright widescreen displays in 7, 9 & 12-inch sizes withtouchscreen control. Dominate your time on the water with greater commandand control that’s now easier to learn and customize.Easy-To-Use, Touchscreen ControlPowerful touchscreen with redesigned menus and five push-button controlssimplify operation without sacrificing features.Built-in, Four-Channel Sonar TechnologyDedicated StructureScan HD signals for left, right & down-looking images,plus award-winning Broadband Sounder. Real-time StructureMapcapability allows you to overlay StructureScan Sonar Imaging data ontoyour favorite chart for a life-like underwater view with greater perspectiveof your boat’s position to nearby structure. Overlay DownScan Imagingonto your BroadBand Sounder view for the ultimate fish-and structure-findingdisplay.More Powerful Navigational ToolsA super-accurate, internal GPS receiver comes standard on all HDS Gen2 Touchmodels, plus built-in Insight USA high-definition mapping with contourshading. 3D perspective view is also now available with both Insight USAmaps and optional Navionics charts, plus a dual-view option allows you tosimultaneously use two maps at once.

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