Palm Harbor Spring Fishing

What’s Hot- With south winds throughout the week and a new moon, the tides have been higher than normal. This increased water level has lead to flooded mangroves and schools of redfish hunting among the roots in places deep in the woods. Fishing earlier in the tidal phase will give anglers a better chance of locating these bronze bruisers and set up a pattern of where they may hold. Finding the mullet schools among the trees will play as a key indicator of a redfish haunt. The mullet will stir up baby stone crabs, bloodworms and small pinfish as the schools works along the mangroves. Cutbait , such as ladyfish, works well on reds holding in the trees and on top of oyster bars. Fish the overhangs or pockets where a cast deep into the mangroves allows. Be sure to “deadstick” or not move the offering , as this will allow the scent to travel deeper into the cover and draw out more fish. Thirty pound leader is necessary to help prevent breakoffs.
The snook have moved onto the beaches and are feeding great with moving water. The early part of the incoming or the middle of the outgoing tide will bring the best bite for anglers. Sardines have been the top choice to persuade these linesiders to eat. Light chumming will turn the bite on, as these fish have not seen much whitebait, yet.
The speckled trout have started to move towards the beaches and jetties. Many of the larger females are sitting tight to the swash channels or rocks and feeding best on the very beginning of the incoming tide. Using a split shot about two feet up the line will keep the sardine along the bottom in the hot zone.

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