These are the three knots that I use primarily and all have 100% knot strength and work great with superbraids.



PERFECTION LOOP (Mel ’s Loop Knot) :

-Illustrations courtesy of

1) Pass the line through the eye, leaving 1-2 inches on the tag end. Hold it in this position with thumb and forefinger of your left hand.

2) Form a loop on the rod side of the eye, with the rod end of the line coming behind the tag end side. Hold this with your thumb and forefinger also.

3) Make another loop, same as the first.

4) Push the second loop through the first one, front to back. You have to hold them together with your right hand so they won’t come apart. It’s a lot easier to do once you get the hang of it.

5) Now for the tricky part – Still holding the lure / hook, push the tag end through the second loop – front to back – and grab it with your left hand as it comes through, and hold it. At this point, you hold the tag end and lure with your left hand, and the rod end of the line with your right. As you pull the rod end of the line, you will see the loop knot form. Hold onto the tag end / lure until the knot is almost formed. You can even adjust the size of the loop right up until the very end of the tightening process after you get the hang of tying the knot.

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