Fishing Report August 2011

What’s hot – With the warmer weather of Summer, most inshore species will seek out deeper water or shaded shorelines that will provide relief from the midday heat. Key areas to look for gamefish are edges and dropoffs that have good current flow. This constant flow of water will help to cool the water down and keep a constant source of nutrition for lazy feeders. Snook are most known for hugging bottom structure and waiting for easy meals to pass by. These linesiders will use the strong push of water to trap baitfish against a sandbar or rocky ledge. Often times a dead bait rigged with a small split shot rolling along the bottom will get picked up in these situations. For live bait, a nose-hooked greenback with a weight at the hook will keep the sardine in the strike zone longer as it drags with the current down the edge. Popping the rod tip every ten seconds will also make the offering flash and catch the attention of nearby predators. The biggest mistake that anglers will make during the summer spawn of Snook is to over feed them. A couple of chummers tossed into a current rip will detect where the fish will lay. This will draw interest and allow a proper presentation.

Tactics – To help beat the summer heat, anglers willing to get out of the boat will find fish a lot less spooky and willing to eat. A trolling bait bucket is all that is needed to bring bait with an angler. Walking along the beach edge and casting parallel to the shore will increase the bite ratio, as Snook and Redfish will not feel the presence of a boat nearby.

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