Fishing Report July 2011

   Fishing Report July 18th

     While fishing the shallows of St. Joseph Sound right now, anglers may have the opportunity at larger gamefish that are roaming the flats. The most common species is the bigger snook that have moved in with this last full moon. Most of these linesiders are found along the beaches where the current runs strongest – around points and passes. Though these protected species are for release only, catching a trophy snook along the Gulfcoast is common during the month of July.

    The schools of redfish are great leading up to the moon – but seem to fall apart quickly once the stronger tides are gone. These bruisers are all averaging around ten pounds and are holding with the schools of mullet. A live pinfish tail-hooked has been most productive when the fish are on the move. Be sure to lead the school and not cast on top of the tight ball of redfish – it will only scare them and push them off. Roaming close behind the reds, have been some huge sharks. Five to eight foot black tips and bull sharks are crashing these schools on the outgoing tide. Heavier spinning tackle can be a blast as anglers fight these 100+ pound fish in three feet of water.   

Shark Fishing- For larger shark fishing along the flats, anglers will need to use this standard rig: 60 lb. braid attached to 100 lb. leader tied into a 24 inch length of wire with a 8/0 circle hook. This setup works best with the heavier spinning gear , as some of these sharks take to the air and the rod acts as a buffer to the blazing runs.

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