Summer Fishing Tactics

What’s Hot- With the heat of summer upon us, angling during the peak movement of tides will stimulate the fish. The incoming tide will present cooler water and find the largest gamefish aggressively eating as bait flushes through the desired zones. These ambush spots will most likely have deeper troughs and eddies that snook, redfish and trout desire. As the tides flood upon the flats, these predators will roam the skinny water where bait and small crabs will also be moving up into. Sightcasting is at a premium with cleaner water flushing the shallows. Lighter leaders , such as 20 pound fluorocarbon, may be needed in the highly visible waters that flow through St. Joseph Sound. Wadefishing is another great method that will disguise an angler’s presentation around weary fish.

The biggest snook of the year are being caught around the stronger lunar tides that happen every summer. As the tide rushes into the passes, these heavy linesiders will patrol the edges and hang around the points and rocky terrains where an easy meal can be found. By placing a 2 ounce lead on the leader, anglers will be able to keep the bait down on the bottom in the swift moving water of the pass. Working the deeper troughs that run parallel to the beach will hold schools of snook in mere inches of water. Pinfish, small finger mullet, sardines and mud minnows are top choices for snook along the shoreline. Larger speckled trout, flounder and redfish will use this same highway to hunt down baits.

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