BOOKING NOW for Prime Springtime Tides!!

Hello to all Anglers ready for some Springtime Fishing-
    Well the season is creeping up on us quickly here in Florida. We have had unseasonably warm weather and has turned a lot of inshore species on and begin to feed well. With the water temps holding in the upper 60’s, the whitebait has even began to creep around the flats.The staple of our St. Joseph Sound fishery this time of year is the BIG speckled trout that roam the shallows and make for great sightcasting on these 4-6 pounders. Anglers are actually having best luck throwing artificials such as the Pumpkin Jig Slamrs and the “new” Paul Brown suspending baits from Mirrolure. Larger redfish schools are showing up around the higher tides on the full and new moons. These schools of bruisers will have 100-300 fish as they push up towards the mangroves as the tide floods. The ole’ linesiders seemed to have fared well this winter and are starting to sneak out on the grassflats outside bayous and rivers along our coastline. The larger trophy snook will usually be caught(and released) in June/July. And Finally, the fish we all wait for year round to catch – The Silver King – TARPON!! The mild winter may lead into an early entrance from these huge gamefish that invade the west coast of Florida. Prime tides are filling up for the month that I spend down in Boca Grande-“The Tarpon Capitol of the World”. I will be down there from mid-May to Mid-June and this is the prime time for catching these incredible fish. As we sightfish to giant schools of tarpon up in the harbor, it is an adrenaline rush to see these monsters crush a freelined crab or threadfin right behind the boat!! As late June approaches , I will also fish the waters off Clearwater to Anclote as schools swim just off the sand bars. Well, I hope to see you all out here enjoying our great fishing and taking home a memory of a lifetime. Be sure to book your charters now, as the best tides/dates are beginning to fill.



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